Warranty and service

The seller ensures and guarantees the conformity of the purchased goods as well as any hidden defects, declaring on his own responsibility that the products sold do not endanger life, health, work safety, do not produce a negative impact on the environment and are in accordance with Ordinance no. 20/2010 regarding the establishment of measures for the uniform application of the European Union legislation that harmonizes the terms of sale of products, the manufacturer's execution documentation and Romanian standards.

The seller undertakes to deliver the product in accordance with the description on the website https://www.racole.ro/ and with the qualities and characteristics listed in the invoice. The product is considered non-compliant if it does not have the same qualities as described on the website https://www.racole.ro/ or if it does not have the qualities and characteristics listed in the invoice. The seller's liability is engaged if the lack of conformity of the product appears within a period of 2 years calculated from the date of delivery and if the Buyer informs the Seller about the occurrence of the lack of conformity within 2 days from the date on which he found it. If, upon delivery, a lack of conformity of a product from the invoice is found, the Buyer has the right to request the repair within a reasonable period or the replacement of the product. If these operations are not possible, the Buyer has the right to request a corresponding price reduction or the termination of the contract regarding that non-conforming product. The buyer is obliged to notify the absence of a component from the package before the start of assembly and to keep the labels and contents of the package in the condition in which they were received for verification and replacement. The seller assumes no responsibility for the execution and consequences of handling, transport, assembly and installation services performed by third parties, when the product has been damaged or the manufacturer's instructions have not been followed. The seller does not assume any responsibility for the consequences of the incorrect use or maintenance of the products, due to failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. It is not considered to be a lack of conformity if, at the time of the conclusion of the invoice, the Buyer knew or could not, reasonably, have been unaware of this lack of conformity. The buyer agrees that manufactured products and those made of natural materials such as leather, solid wood, veneer, cannot be manufactured identically in terms of texture, color shades on different surfaces and apparent peculiarities on the material. The buyer agrees that solid wood products may show small cracks or knots depending on the nature of the wood or that small cracks may appear over time depending on the conditions in which the products are stored - at temperatures outside the range of 18-30 degrees Celsius and high humidity. These are not considered quality defects.

The seller grants a guarantee starting from the date of delivery of the products as follows: furniture and decorations - 24 months (for quality deficiencies). If the average period of use of the products is less than 24 months, the guarantee is reduced to the period of use. You can see more details about the average life of the products in the Care and Use Guide. During this period, if the deficiencies are not attributable to the Buyer, the Seller assumes responsibility for repairing or replacing the product at its expense. After the delivery has been made, the Buyer can no longer invoke quantitative deficiencies or deficiencies that he could not reasonably have failed to see at the time of delivery (chips, scratches, rust, pulled wires, bent components, dirt stains, etc.). Breaking the products or glass components or scratching the products after receipt are risks fully assumed by the Buyer.

Any claim will be accompanied by the goods invoice and the warranty certificate. During the warranty period, the Buyer has the right to request the free repair, within a reasonable period, or the replacement of the product with quality deficiencies, if these deficiencies are not caused by the Buyer's failure to comply with the instructions for use and maintenance. Depending on the availability of the manufacturer and the place where the product was manufactured, the Seller will undertake to repair or replace the product, during the warranty period within a maximum period of 15 days.

The replaced product has the same warranty as a new product. Defects arising during the warranty period as a result of hidden defects, confirmed by technical expertise by a specialized service, are repaired free of charge. Additional information on the duration of use of the products can be found in the Maintenance and Use Guide.

The transport and assembly of the products by the Seller at the premises indicated by the Buyer are not the subject of the invoice containing the products and are not included in the price paid by the Buyer. The service rates are displayed on the Seller's website, https://www.racole.ro/pages/transport-si-montaj. In the period until the delivery date, regardless of partial or full payment of the order, the products are the property of the Seller, until their actual delivery. Actual delivery is confirmed by the Buyer's receipt signature on the tax invoice for orders shipped with the in-house delivery team or the shipping document provided by the courier.

Unevenly loading cabinets with objects or moving them out of place can misalign doors or drawers. After assembly and installation and after adjustments to the drawers and doors, confirmed by the Buyer's signature, the Seller is no longer under any obligation to repeat these services. Unless otherwise specified, the maximum load on the shelf is 7kg. Flattening of the fillings (sponge, latex, others) and stretching of the leather or fabric (for sofas and mattresses) as well as sweeping or, as the case may be, polishing of the products, all produced over time as a result of wear and tear in normal use are not considered defects . During the first 3 months of use, the polyurethane foam used to fill cushions on sofas and mattresses will settle down slightly, after which it will stabilize completely, therefore it is normal for the appearance of some wrinkles in the upholstery. The sponge can flatten during transport, so it is necessary to shape the filling in the pillows by gently beating them.

If the Buyer has opted for Delivery and Assembly, the Seller does not assume any responsibility for the consequences of handling the products if there is not enough room to maneuver in the area of ​​doors, hallways or staircases. Although he is assisted in the sales process by the Seller's employees, the Buyer is fully responsible for choosing the shape, comfort, style, color, dimensions, materials, finishes, as well as the place where the product is to be installed. The seller does not assume any responsibility regarding the handling of other existing objects in the space where the products will be installed. In the absence of a notification from the Buyer, the Seller does not assume any responsibility regarding the transport of the products if there are no appropriate conditions regarding access, handling and safe parking of the vehicle or if this violates the law.

In the understanding of the parties, any notification addressed by one of them to the other, is validly fulfilled if it is sent in writing to the address provided in the introductory part of the invoice. The change of address cannot be opposed by the parties if it has not been communicated in writing. In the case of notification by post, it will be sent by registered letter with confirmation of receipt and is considered received by the recipient on the date indicated by the receiving post office on this confirmation. Any unforeseeable and unavoidable event, independent of the will of the parties, which partially or totally prevents the fulfillment of the contractual obligations, will be considered as a case of force majeure. The party that invokes force majeure and that will inform the other contracting party within 7 days at most of the occurrence of the invoked force majeure case, will be exempted from its obligations but only to the extent and exclusively for the period for which the force majeure applies. Any possible misunderstandings that arise between the parties regarding the execution or interpretation of the order that cannot be resolved amicably, will be resolved by the common law courts of the Municipality of Bacau at the registered office of the Seller or the Court of International Commercial Arbitration at near the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, in accordance with the legislation in force in Romania.

For any product category, the following are strictly prohibited:

- unpacking using sharp or hard objects;

- cutting or scratching materials;

- rubbing against other surfaces or with abrasive substances (cleaning solutions);

- using or storing the products in humid environments or at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius as well as in environments with temperature variations;

- placing the product next to heat sources (the guard distance is 1m) apart from the kitchen furniture designed for this purpose;

- the use of cleaning products containing acids, oil, gas, detergents, chemical solvents or alcohol (any solution must first be tried on a small, hidden surface);

- dehydration of the skin (without hydration the skin dries and cracks);

- wetting the products (clean with a cloth slightly moistened in a solution of soapy water -50% water, 50% neutral pH liquid soap - then wipe immediately with a dry cloth);

- pushing furniture (removable furniture must be dismantled);

- rolling, bending or curving of mattresses during transport and handling;

- using the furniture for a purpose other than that for which it was designed.

Warnings regarding the safety of using furniture pieces

We want your home to be a safe place for you, without risks and worries about children's safety. Household accidents involving children can occur at the slightest moment of inattention, but can be successfully prevented by serious preparation of the layout.

To avoid falling furniture pieces and related accidents, we recommend fixing the furniture to the wall. Among the measures you can take to secure your furniture, is also the correct distribution of objects in the drawers. For good balance of the piece of furniture, heavy objects should be placed in the lower drawers and not in the upper ones or on its surface. It is also necessary to avoid situations in which the little ones play with the pieces of furniture, clinging to drawers, doors or shelves.

Instructions for the use and maintenance of upholstery on upholstered furniture. To extend the life of your sofa, do not jump, throw, sit on the arms, pull the cushions, push, but lift it from the base. When installing the legs, the sofa will be placed on its back, the legs will be firmly tightened and then it will be placed in position by lifting it.

- wipe the sofa weekly with a dry soft cloth (leather) or a clothes brush (fabric);

- skin hydration is done every 2 months with special solutions tried in advance;

- do not expose the products to direct solar radiation;

- keep the product within normal humidity and temperature limits;

- after you have tried the cleaning solution, clean without rubbing, go over gently with the cloth;

- traces of dirt, liquids, body fat are first wiped with a dry cloth and then with the previously described solution;

- try cleaning visible marks with a pencil eraser;

- chewing gum traces are removed by rubbing them with ice cubes placed in a nylon bag;

- fabric upholstery and covers can only be chemically cleaned, in specialized centers;

- the mattresses are turned in the same plane every month, and after 6 months they turn to the other side. Exceptions are mattresses designed to be used on one side, which will rotate monthly in the same plane;

- we recommend placing mattresses on box springs with elastic or upholstered slats that allow ventilation.

Commercial guarantees do not affect the legal guarantee regarding product conformity, according to law 449/2003.