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Vacuum cleaner Tefal Compact Power TW3927, white, 750 W

Vacuum cleaner Tefal Compact Power TW3927, white, 750 W

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Vacuum cleaner Tefal Compact Power TW3927 white 750 W

This vacuum cleaner model works in energy class A, making it a saving device of energy.

Adjusting the suction power
Multiple vacuuming without the need for frequent dirt removal, it is possible to collect up to 3 liters of dirt, which allows a comfortable use of the vacuum cleaner, and the device itself remains light and compact.

Powerful 750 W motor.
Remove dust and dirt with great precision and ease, all thanks to a vacuum cleaner with 750 W motor.
To avoid manually checking the amount of dust already accumulated in the device, the vacuum cleaner it is equipped with a full indicator. He will inform you that it is time to remove the collected dirt from the vacuum cleaner. An overfilled dust container not only makes the device heavier, but it can also affect the cleaning performance and the release of unpleasant odors when vacuuming.

You don't have to unwind the cable manually. cable it is automatically wrapped and pulled into the device .
This vacuum cleaner works efficiently and reliably and, at the same time, its noise level falls within the standard norm - the maximum sound level is up to 80 dB.


  • Dust storage : In bag
  • Vacuum cleaner type : Cylinder
  • Power : From the network
  • Power : 750 W
  • Collection capacity : 3 l
  • Dry cleaning : Yes
  • Size : ‎48 x 28.5 x 30 cm
  • Weight : 6.32 kg
  • Color : white
  • EPA type filters
  • Cable length : 6.2 m
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