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Relaxdays desk, wood and metal, white, 92x129x60 cm

Relaxdays desk, wood and metal, white, 92x129x60 cm

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Wood and white metal desk

Adding a desk is always a choice made for functional reasons, that is, it is a necessity. But that doesn't mean you should choose anything. The way it fits into the design is important, so make sure you choose a model that harmoniously complements your arrangement. Having an office table can help you simulate the work environment to some extent and give you a healthy and stylish option to complete your tasks with more boost. In addition, a desk will help you better separate work from your free time, because you won't be working, eating, reading and relaxing at the same table, which can be confusing for your body.

Like all valuable models, the simple but elegant Relaxdays computer desk has a well-defined minimalist shape, does not take up much space and will never go out of style. It offers a large work area, being a practical, convenient and versatile piece of furniture , ideal for your home or office. In addition, the metal frame gives the office an industrial style, adding a unique charm to the interior of your home. Enrich your decor with this modern desk!

Wood and white metal desk


Dimensions and weight: ‎60 x 120 x 92 cm; 16.66 kg
White color
Material: metal and wood
Brand: Relaxdays
Style: Office
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