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Joy Extendable Sofa, Storage Box, 222 Cm

Joy Extendable Sofa, Storage Box, 222 Cm

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Discover comfort and practicality in one product with the Joy sofa bed. This stylish and functional sofa adds style and utility to any living space.
With a modern design and durable construction, the Joy sofa bed provides a great relaxing experience and provides optimal support for the whole family. Its easy-to-use extension system allows the sofa to be quickly transformed into a spacious bed, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying moments of rest.
The integrated storage drawer is a practical and smart feature of this sofa. It offers a generous storage space to keep various items such as quilts, pillows, linens or other essential items in order. Thus, you will always have quick access to them and you will be able to benefit from an organized and clean space.
The Joy sofa bed is made of quality materials and carefully crafted finishes. Its versatile design and clean lines blend perfectly into various decor styles and colors, giving you flexibility in interior design.
Whether you need an extra place to rest or additional storage space in your room, the Joy sofa bed is the ideal solution. Combining comfort, functionality and style, this sofa will quickly become the centerpiece of your living space.


Product type : sofa

Type : extendable

Length: 222 cm

Width: 110 cm

Color : cream, green, gray, pink

Leg finish: black plastic

Number of seats: 3

Key features: extendable (elevator extension), storage box, 3 pillows

Used for: Living room

Upholstery material: Fabric

Pet Friendly - Resistant to dirt and animal hair

When you have pets at home the choice of materials for the upholstery of your sofa is essential. Choose an upholstery that fits your pet so that the hair does not stand out at all and is easy to collect. In general, the best material, whether you have a dog or a cat, is microfiber or synthetic velvet. One of the most important decisions to make when choosing a sofa is what type of material you will choose, as this is the piece of furniture that your dog or cat will likely have the most contact with. These features allow for easy removal of pet hair while preventing it from penetrating the fabric.

resistant to dirt and animal hair

Easy Clean - Easy to clean

Fabric with easy cleaning properties, with a nanoparticle finish, which effectively blocks the penetration of dirt. Easy Clean technology allows the removal of even hard stains, without the need for chemical cleaning agents, simply using water.

easy to clean

Frame material: chipboard, solid wood


Seat structure: Polyurethane sponge, Sinusoidal springs

Extension type :

Sleeping surface size (cm): 191 x 151 cm

Special features : Comfort and durability are ensured by the use of sinusoidal springs and high resistance polyurethane foam;

Care instructions : Vacuum the product weekly or use a clothes brush. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or use the product at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. All materials are chemically cleaned in specialized cleaning centers.

* Product dimensions may differ by approximately +/- 3 cm.

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