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Diversey surface cleaning detergent, 5 L

Diversey surface cleaning detergent, 5 L

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Cleaning is the activity that takes up most of our time in the house. Sanitizing the space, airing and a fresh overall image may require several hours of work. We come to your aid with a detergent for cleaning surfaces that will keep your space fresh and a floor where you can reflect.

Diversey is a Lysoform Professional disinfectant detergent. It is indicated for the efficient cleaning of highly frequented environments such as gyms, offices , hospitals, public places. It is suitable for all surfaces and washable floors. Does not attack metals, does not stain  underwear and eliminates unpleasant odors. It destroys bacteria, microbial cultures and viruses. It comes in a generous 5 L package and will be a great help when you need to clean. It can also be used at home and will guarantee shiny surfaces. You can store it in the closet with cleaning products or in places where it is easily accessible. It will make a good team with the other products you use and will considerably shorten the time you usually allocate to cleaning your home or public places. Keep it away from children and avoid contact with eyes.


Volume : 5 L

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