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Bedroom wardrobe with 2 sliding doors Verona Bianco, White, 219 Cm

Bedroom wardrobe with 2 sliding doors Verona Bianco, White, 219 Cm

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Optimize space and add an elegant style to your bedroom with the Verona Bianco wardrobe. Made with attention to detail and using quality materials, this wardrobe is the perfect combination of functionality and classic design.
With its sliding doors, the Verona Bianco wardrobe saves space and allows quick and easy access to all your clothing and accessories. Whether you need an efficient storage solution for your clothes or want to perfectly organize your personal items, this wardrobe will satisfy all your requirements.
The Verona Bianco wardrobe offers a multitude of interior storage options, including a hanger bar and shelves. These features allow you to efficiently organize and store all your clothing items, whether it's elegant dresses, suits, blouses or cold season items.
With its flawless finish and sophisticated color, the Verona Bianco wardrobe fits perfectly with any bedroom decor. Regardless of your style, this wardrobe adds a refined and modern look to your room.
Enjoy optimal comfort and functionality with the Verona Bianco bedroom wardrobe. Order now and transform your bedroom into an organized and stylish space where everything is close at hand.

Product dimensions :

- length: 219 cm

- depth: 66.5 cm

- height: 203.6 cm



Material: Agglomerated wooden boards, laminated and painted MDF


MDF is fiberboard similar to chipboard, but its production is different. The MDF board is obtained by gluing and pressing the wood fibers to form a solid and resistant product. Therefore, these panels have a particularly high resistance to breaking and bending.

Color: White

Special features: It is easy to clean, does not stain and will last well over time.

Care instructions: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or use the product at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Clean with a dry cloth.

* This product is delivered disassembled!

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