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Dining table MARSALA 200x100x77 cm

Dining table MARSALA 200x100x77 cm

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The "Marsala" dining table is an impressive and elegant piece of furniture that adds a blend of natural and modern beauty to your dining room. With its generous dimensions of 200 x 100 x 77 cm, this table offers enough space to comfortably accommodate your family and friends during meals.

One of the defining elements of the "Marsala" table is its top, which elegantly combines solid wood and glass. The solid wood top brings a touch of warmth and authenticity, while the glass provides a contemporary look and helps to lighten and open up the space. This combination of materials makes "Marsala" a table with a distinctive design that catches the eye and fits into a variety of interior design styles.

Its height of 77 cm is suitable to ensure a comfortable dining experience, and its generous dimensions allow seating at least 6-8 people around it, making it ideal for family gatherings or spending time with friends.

The "Marsala" dining table is an outstanding choice for those who appreciate the combination of tradition and modernity in their interior design. With this table, you will create a welcoming and sophisticated environment in which to enjoy meals in the company of your loved ones, while highlighting the beauty and versatility of solid wood and glass.

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