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VALERIO dining table, ceramic top, 180x100x70 cm

VALERIO dining table, ceramic top, 180x100x70 cm

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The "Valerio" dining table with ceramic top is a particularly elegant and functional piece of furniture for your dining room. With its dimensions of 180 x 100 x 70 cm, this table is suitable for comfortably accommodating family and friends during meals.

The ceramic top of the "Valerio" table adds a distinctive and modern element. Ceramic is a durable and scratch-resistant material, which makes it suitable for everyday use. Its design and texture can mimic the look of natural stone or have varied patterns and colors, adding a contemporary and sophisticated air to your table.

The "Valerio" table has a height of 70 cm, offering a comfortable dining experience. Its suitable dimensions allow seating at least 4-6 people around it, perfect for a family dinner or spending time with friends.

With a simple and elegant design, the "Valerio" table easily integrates into a variety of interiors, from modern to traditional. It will add a sophisticated and functional look to your dining room, providing a pleasant environment to enjoy meals in the company of loved ones.

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