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Saigon Nightstand With 1 Drawer, 58.3 Cm

Saigon Nightstand With 1 Drawer, 58.3 Cm

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The bedside table is a bed's best friend, because it helps the latter fulfill its role for which it was created, completing the space in a bedroom perfectly arranged for a good night's sleep.

Thanks to the dimensions of 47.5/36/58.3 cm, you will have enough space for the lamp and your favorite book to help you enter the wonderful world of dreams. In addition to the upper area, the Saigon Cantori one-drawer bedside table also has additional storage spaces, one open space and one drawer at the bottom, both roomy.

Enjoy a solid bedside table, made of agglomerated wooden boards, the elements that bring originality to this bedside table with a drawer, all create a vintage look, so that the patina of time seems to have settled, and this, time, does not go away , also fallen into a restful sleep in a setting so suitable for dreaming, relaxing, forgetting the past day and contemplating the next.

Product dimensions:

- height: 47.5 cm

- depth: 36 cm

- width: 58.3 cm

Type: bedside table
Material: laminated wooden boards

Special features: It is easy to clean, does not stain and will last well over time. The drawer has a functional role, in addition to the design one.

Silent closing mechanism
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