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Set of 2 rolls of cleaning bags, blue, 120L, 15 pieces

Set of 2 rolls of cleaning bags, blue, 120L, 15 pieces

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Set of 2 rolls of cleaning bags 120L

Regardless of the activities we do and the place where they are carried out, waste inevitably accumulates and turns into unsightly garbage. We usually throw all kinds of packaging, household waste, food in the bin. Taking out the trash can become a nightmare if you don't have quality cleaning bags to make your life easier when you do one of the most mundane daily tasks. We come to your aid with a set of 2 rolls of 120L cleaning bags. It will be your reliable ally in trash storage.

Cleaning bags they are ultra-resistant with a cord and are made of an extremely tear-resistant HDPE film. The tight seam prevents the contents of the bag from leaking into the container and makes the bags fit perfectly into the round waste containers. The practical "ears" allow quick and hygienic tying of the bag and its transport. They are perfect for  House, office, public places or medical facilities. They have generous dimensions and you can store a large amount of waste. Make quality materials and delicately "hide" the content with the dark color. They are small, compact and you can easily store them in confined spaces or in the closet with cleaning products. You can keep your home organized for months in such a way that you no longer have to collect the scraps that need to be thrown away.

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