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Set of 4 baking trays

Set of 4 baking trays

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Set of 4 baking pans: 1 tart pan, 1 cake pan, one muffin/bread pan, 1 round pan - Made in Germany

A practical set of 4 baking forms that represent the solution for the vast majority of dishes that you could prepare at home!

A cake or a check? A cake or a cool tart? You have the right form at hand!

The 4 pieces made of carbon steel are easy to clean thanks to the Axentia non-stick coating, which guarantees that your cake will come off easily without getting damaged.

You can prepare the most delicious delicacies in a wide variety of shapes - from round to square, for birthdays, parties, anniversaries, etc.

Each pan is suitable for both sweet and savory dough, and the content, including the shape, can be heated up to approx. 230 degrees.


  • Springform Ø approx. 26 cm,
  • Cake base shape Ø approx. 28 cm,
  • Rectangular shape approx. 25cm,
  • Total weight: approx. 1 kg,
  • Maximum heat resistance: 230 ° C

Instructions for use and maintenance:

- use only wooden or silicone utensils in order not to damage the non-adhesive layer
- use only non-abrasive sponges and dish detergents
- before the first use, wash the form very well
- after use, leave the mold for 10 minutes to cool and stabilize the non-stick layer.
- it can only be washed by hand, being incompatible with a dishwasher.

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