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Saint Tropez Living Room Set, Painted White, 340 cm

Saint Tropez Living Room Set, Painted White, 340 cm

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Create a decor that exudes sophistication in the room specially arranged in every home to convey the feeling of home with a white living room furniture set embellished with golden hardware, creating the ideal setting for relaxation and contemplation of the day's achievements. Saint Tropez is a set of living room furniture composed of a chic bookcase, with dimensions of 69/45/200 cm, perfect for all the books that contain between their covers the wonderful worlds you visit in your imagination when you withdraw from reality. This living room set also contains a 120/24/24 cm shelf suitable for your favorite ornaments, a TV chest for appliances and all the decor items that catch your eye when not facing the TV, 160/50/58 cm, as well as a roomy bar chest of 111/45/152 cm, for bottles, glasses and any liquor with which you will make a sensation among the guests. Choose a living room set made of agglomerated wooden boards, with a classically inspired design and quality finishes, for evenings in the family or with equally valued friends.


Type: living room

Material: Agglomerated wooden boards, painted

White color

Silent closing mechanism

Modern technical solution that increases the life of the furniture, by eliminating the mechanical shock caused by the involuntary slamming of the doors. It contains special shock absorbers, which ensure a smooth, noiseless closing.

This mechanism with a silent closing system is special in that it protects the door and the drawer from quick closing. Thanks to special dampers, the doors and drawers are stopped just before closing and pulled in so that they do not make noise.

silent closing mechanism

Protected edges

A special finishing tape, made of melamine, PVC or other material resistant to wear, abrasion and moisture, protects the edges of furniture panels, extending their life and beautifying them.

Scratch resistant

The surface of the furniture is covered with a colorless material that protects against minor scratches. This material not only makes the furniture scratch-resistant, but also protects it from moisture or stains.

scratch resistant

Care instructions : Avoid placing hot objects. Extreme temperatures and changes in humidity can cause cracks in the wood. Avoid exposure to direct solar radiation.

It is easy to clean, does not stain and will last well over time;

* This product is delivered assembled .

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