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Verona Bianco high living room set, White

Verona Bianco high living room set, White

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The correct arrangement of the living room can only have a beneficial effect on the entire appearance of your home. Arrange your living room in the Verona Bianco style: with a library for your books, a TV chest of drawers, a bar chest of drawers and a shelf for your ornaments, so you will have a living room to your taste.

The Verona Bianco living room has a PUSH TO OPEN drawer closing system.

The library has a double role in a room, it offers a place to store books but also a place that you can personalize with unique decoration items.

The Verona Bianco library offers you a place for everything and an addition of elegance and originality to your home.

The Verona Bianco bookcase emphasizes simplicity, abundance, giving your home a chic air. With dimensions of 65 cm wide, 42 cm deep and 200 cm high, the Verona Bianco bookcase with its shade of white creates a welcoming and bright atmosphere. The three open shelves in the upper part are ideal for books or decorative objects. The middle drawer has a Push To Open type opening/closing system, ideal for organization and quick access to small products, and the lower part is provided with two shelves covered with a door.

The Verona Bianco TV chest with two doors opening from the center covers one interior shelf, the drawer is ideal for organization and quick access to small products, and the open shelf is suitable for accessories, decorative objects or small electronics. The dimensions of the dresser are 155 cm wide, 50.2 cm deep and 47 cm high.

The dimensions of the bar chest of drawers are 112 cm wide, 42.2 cm deep and 147 cm high, offering enough space for storing various articles and decorative objects. On the right side it has three glass shelves covered with a glass door, and on the left side the two drawers with the Push To Open opening/closing system are ideal for organization and quick access to small products. The three shelves covered with a full door are suitable for keeping the necessary objects always close at hand in the space where you want to place them.

The shelf is ideal for organizing decorative items. Its dimensions are 90 cm wide, 25 cm deep and 30 cm high.

Product dimensions :

Bar chest of drawers : 112/42.2/147 cm

TV chest : 155/50.2/47 cm

High Library : 65/42/200 cm

Policy: 90/25/30 cm

Type: living room
Material: agglomerated wooden boards, laminated and painted MDF


MDF is fiberboard similar to chipboard, but its production is different. The MDF board is obtained by gluing and pressing the wood fibers to form a solid and resistant product. Therefore, these panels have a particularly high resistance to breaking and bending.

Color: white

Weight: 196kg
Special features: It is easy to clean, does not stain and will last well over time;

- damping system, slow closing system

Silent closing mechanism

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