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White and Natural Tivoli Bedroom Set, Bed with Mattress Size 180 X 200 Cm, 2 Nightstands and Wardrobe

White and Natural Tivoli Bedroom Set, Bed with Mattress Size 180 X 200 Cm, 2 Nightstands and Wardrobe

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The set contains:

Bed with the size for the mattress/spring bed: 180 x 200 cm

Bedside : 2 pcs. - width: 58.5 cm - depth: 40 cm - height: 55 cm

Wardrobe : - width: 272 cm - depth: 64 cm - height: 217.5 cm

We offer you a bedroom furniture set that fills the rest room with a very soothing and peaceful white.
The classic design, with vintage accents, introduces you to a state of dreaming literally, but also figuratively, to times when time flowed, as it were, more slowly, but this bedroom furniture with neutral colors and simple lines will fit perfectly into any style of arrangement.
You will enjoy a complete bedroom furniture set, made of agglomerated wooden boards, with spacious spaces for rest and storage.
In this Tivoli bedroom furniture set, you get a 180/200 cm bed, two 58.5/40/55 cm bedside tables and a 272/64/217.5 cm wardrobe, with five doors, three of which have mirrors, which creates the impression of a larger room.
A gorgeous bedroom furniture, with all the elements already combined, is the first step towards beautiful dreams and nights that you want to start over and over again.


Type : bedroom

White color

Special features :


The aesthetic veneer, as opposed to the technical veneer used in the creation of plywood, is a thin sheet of wood of superior essence, with which the furniture panels are dressed, both for aesthetic and functional reasons, increasing the resistance to wear. Because it covers the "face" of the furniture, great care is taken in choosing the wood to be turned into veneer. It must be free of obvious natural defects and meet certain aesthetic conditions, such as color and a disclosure of the wood grain that highlights its natural beauty. Veneer is the covering of furniture, creating the appearance of solid wood, and at the same time the canvas that designers use to express their creativity.


MDF is fiberboard similar to chipboard, but its production is different. The MDF board is obtained by gluing and pressing the wood fibers to form a solid and resistant product. Therefore, these panels have a particularly high resistance to breaking and bending.

Silent closing mechanism

Modern technical solution that increases the life of the furniture, by eliminating the mechanical shock caused by the involuntary slamming of the doors. It contains special shock absorbers, which ensure a smooth, noiseless closing.


Protected edges

A special finishing tape, made of melamine, PVC or other material resistant to wear, abrasion and moisture, protects the edges of furniture panels, extending their life and beautifying them.

Scratch resistant

The surface of the furniture is covered with a colorless material that protects against minor scratches. This material not only makes the furniture scratch-resistant, but also protects it from moisture or stains.

scratch resistant

Care instructions : Avoid placing hot objects. Extreme temperatures and changes in humidity can cause cracks in the wood. Avoid exposure to direct solar radiation.

It is easy to clean, does not stain and will last well over time;

*The bed and wardrobe are delivered disassembled.

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