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Verona Bianco Bedroom Set, Bed With Mattress Size 160 X 200 Cm, 2 Bedside Tables And Wardrobe

Verona Bianco Bedroom Set, Bed With Mattress Size 160 X 200 Cm, 2 Bedside Tables And Wardrobe

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The set contains:

Bed with the right size for the mattress: 160 x 200 cm


Bedside tables: 2 pcs.

Perfect for lazy Sundays, comfortable in the evening after a hard day, the bedroom is everyone's irreplaceable refuge. Made of melamine and painted wooden boards, with a PUSH TO OPEN drawer closing system, the Verona Bianco bedroom offers the comfort and atmosphere you need for moments of relaxation, all in Italian style. The Verona Bianco bedroom has a white finish.

The wardrobe is divided into two equal parts as follows: left side: shelf / hanger bar / shelf, right side: four shelves.
When we talk about efficient storage spaces, we think of the Verona Bianco wardrobe. Besides the fact that it has additional storage space, the Verona Bianco wardrobe offers your home elegance, expressiveness, modernism and originality. The cabinet is provided with two sliding doors that facilitate access to the items inside. The two doors are provided with a mirror in the upper part. For those who prefer the classic style, the Verona BIanco wardrobe is the perfect choice, which will create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. The dimensions of the wardrobe are 219 cm wide, 66.5 cm deep and 203.6 cm high, being divided into two parts: the left side has a bar for hangers that will allow you to arrange clothes much more easily, only a large number of hangers and a shelf being required. The right side has 5 shelves, offering enough space for the efficient organization of clothes.

The Verona Bianco bed offers elegance and expressiveness to the bedroom. The white color gives a warm note to the space where it is placed. It is made of agglomerated wooden boards and painted MDF. Its dimensions are 175 cm wide, 206.1 cm long and 115 cm high, and the suitable mattress must have the dimensions 160/200 cm.

The Verona Bianco bedside table is ideal in a vintage or classic bedroom. Equipped with a drawer with PUSH TO OPEN system and a door, it offers quick and easy access to the objects inside. The upper part is ideal as a display table for some decorative items or for positioning a lamp. The dimensions of the bedside table are 59 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 60 cm high.

Type: bedroom
Material: agglomerated wooden boards and coated and painted MDF


MDF is fiberboard similar to chipboard, but its production is different. The MDF board is obtained by gluing and pressing the wood fibers to form a solid and resistant product. Therefore, these panels have a particularly high resistance to breaking and bending.

Color: white

Weight: 347 kg
Special features : The box spring and mattress are not included in the price;
Care instructions : Extreme temperatures and changes in humidity can cause cracks in the wood. Avoid exposure to direct solar radiation.

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