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Bed Tulsa

Bed Tulsa

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The Tulsa Toddler Bed is now here and there is nothing like it! The perfect bed to transition from a crib to your own big boy/big girl bed without it being overwhelming for you or your little one. We designed the Tulsa toddler bed to exude irresistible style, yet be functional and safe for children of all ages. This makes it a bed that your little one can grow into, and for an older child, a place where they feel comfortable, warm and safe.

Side rails that rise a minimum of 13cm from the top of the mattress (meeting safety standards for guardrails), eliminating any worry that your child might roll out of bed in the middle of the night. The bed frame is thick, round, soft and low to the floor, making it easy to get on and off without the worry of hard, sharp or rough corners. Not only does this bed look amazing, but it will also give you the peace of mind you need to get a good night's rest. What more could you ask for. Also suitable as a montessori bed.
(The Tulsa bed in the pictures is a 120x200cm bed covered in boucle fabric - Ivory)


Head of bed height: 1000 mm
Headboard thickness: 140 mm
Side rail thickness: 140 mm
The head of the bed is at the same level as the sides
Side height: 440 mm highest and 220 mm lowest
Assembly required
Mattress included
The mattress in the images has a thickness of 250 mm
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